Hamsters & Bunnies Soft Fleecy Square Bed (Random Color)

  • $8.00 AUD

Get this soft fleecy warm bed for your small pet to sleep in.

Suitable for guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and baby bunnies.

The fleece is soft and warm. Material is durable for your pet to snuggle in everyday.

This soft fleecy bed is all your fur baby needs for a good night's sleep. Can be used for nap time or when they just want to sleep the whole day.

Bed comes in 3 sizes: 

Small size is 20x25cm.

Medium size is 25x30cm.

Large size is 30x35cm.

Color of bed will be sent at random, all colors are beautiful!

Hurry! Get this warm bed for your furry friend while stock lasts.

100% brand item.